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2024 Clinician Survey

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1. Did you feel the attendance in your session was at a level where you were able to present without distraction and it felt productive and useful?
2. How was your set up for your session(s)? Did you have everything you needed. In the gym/classroom?
3. Did you feel like you had an adequate amount of time to present the material you intended to present?
4. What was the feel of your session, did you feel the coaches were engaged/focused and participating?
5. If you used demonstrators did you feel like they were respectful and useful to you during your sessions?
6. Did you feel the clinic was organized and well ran?
7. How was the behind the scenes planning process for the clinic?
8. Did you feel MIVCA/event planning prepared for the clinic?
9. Did you feel the offering 3 sessions at a time and the break offered between was adequate for the clinic?