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In the past several years there has been a tremendous turnover in our coaching ranks. Many new, young people have entered coaching. In order to welcome them and assist them in working with our young people, the Michigan Interscholastic Volleyball Coaches Association would like to pair our more experienced coaches with those new coaches. This would hopefully give young coaches an avenue to develop a positive relationship with a more experienced coach throughout the year. Coaches could talk volleyball, share ideas, give guidance, answer questions, assist in planning season activities, and provide ways to better communicate with parents and players. We see this as a way to encourage a positive relationship with coaches from around the state and actively engage them in their state association.

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Each nominee must:

  1. Current MIVCA member in good standing.
  2. A one year commitment for mentor and mentee.
  3. Complete mentoring application.
  4. The availability to communicate with each other every two weeks.
  5. Acknowledgment and confirmation from their athletic director that they would like there coach to participate in the mentoring initiative.
  6. Summary/evaluation at the end of the year will be completed by the mentor and mentee and submitted to MIVCA Board.
  7. Coaches will be contacted by MIVCA President once application is received.

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