Names of potential All State players are submitted by coaches prior to and during the season. The Region Representatives evaluate as many players as possible around the state as the season progresses. All MIVCA Varsity coaches and Region Representatives in each region meet to select their respective Region Teams. Once a player has been selected to the Region by the varsity coaches, Regions nominate players to move on to the State level. At this level, representatives are looking for impact players, throughout the state; not just at their region level.  Each class selects three teams at the state level and honorable mention.  Senior All State players who are selected to the First, Second or Third team are invited to the MIVCA/Adidas All Star Match while all players receive a certificate for their accomplishment.  Over 210 players are recognized at this level every year. A Varsity coach must be a MIVCA member, nominate their player for All Region and the player must be selected to their Region Team to be considered at the State level.

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