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Online Rules Meeting: 7/25-9/15
Maximum Number if Days/Contests: 18D
2022 Road to the Finals
Practice Begins — Aug. 8
First Contest — Aug. 17
Opt-Out Due Date: Oct 5
Districts — Oct. 31 – Nov. 5
Regionals — Nov. 8 & 10
Quarterfinals –Nov. 15
Semifinals — Kellogg Arena, Battle Creek
Dates: Nov. 17-18
Finals — Kellogg Arena, Battle Creek
Date: Nov. 19
Ratings Due Date: Dec. 1
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Coach of the Week: Week 13 - Edie Daughtery, Watervliet High School

Edie has worked extremely hard to change the culture in our volleyball program at Watervliet High School and her hard work is paying off. Last season her team made it to the Division 3 State Quarter Finals and have been rated top 10 in Division 3 this season, currently at #4. Coach Edie has shown terrific creativity in creating offenses that work with the talent she has on her team. She creates opportunities for her athletes to be successful by using nontraditional rotations. Her dedication to developing her players into all around athletes has paid off, creating a talented team that understands what it takes to win. Edie has made the sport fun for the kids through her leadership style and her efforts have been fun to watch. She has brought young players along and has inspired older players to lead. She allows the girls to have fun, try new things and improve their volleyball IQ while working hard and being committed to the program. Her team believes in each other, and they believe in her. And we believe this is her key to success! Thank you Coach Edie, for everything you do for the players in your program.