Terra King

MIVCA Pure Michigan Clinic

This year’s clinic will be held on February 28th & 29th at Michigan State University. Keynote speakers will include: MSUCathy George, Jesse Ortiz, Kimi OlsonWMUColleen Munson, Ryan Manning, Kyle Stahl CMU Mike GawlikHopeBecky SchmidtFerrisTia Brande Tentative Schedule Register Now!

Sports Recruits!

Now is a great time to take advantage of the perk of being a MIVCA Member.  SportsRecruits is partnering with our organization to provide a discounted rate for athletes who’s coach is a MIVCA member.  Here are a few links you can send out to your athletes/parents to provide more information about this platform. The …

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End of Summer News!

As part of an annual “End of Summer” tradition 7 teams get together the night before the Bedford “End of Summer” Tournament and have dinner put on by host Bedford!  The teams take part in games and lipsync/dance battles.  It is a fun tradition where the teams intermix at dinner and get to know each other.  …

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