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We are looking for committee members from our general membership!  We need/want more voices involved.

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Our committee, made up of 25 coaches from all areas of the state. Will review profiles and videos for all 25 candidates. Following the research of candidates each committee member will cast their vote for the top 10 players. The Miss Volleyball rep will compile all votes to reach a decision on the final top 10.

The Region Representatives hold a region meeting with MIVCA Varsity coaches from each division invited to participate and determine their region choices. Then the Region Rep attends the all-state meeting.

This committee is responsible for organizing, selecting, and awarding 12, scholarships and grants (divided as deemed necessary) in the value of $750.00 to outstanding examples of student-athletes in the state of Michigan.

This committee will be in charge of running the Reaching Higher Event. This is a college exposure event typically held in July. HS varsity coaches will nominiate their players. The committee will determine unsigned players with college potential to be invited to the event. The day will involve drills and competition, as well as recruiting sessions for both the players and their parents.

This committee will help with the organization of the clinic, helping to determine presenters, introducing speakers and anything that is needed during the actual clinic itself.

This committee will work together to see that the state tournament hosted in our area runs smoothly. Helping with graphics, set up, and general organization is key to this event running smoothly. This committee only needs to help beginning of Nov until after the State Tourney.

The committee will coordinate with Boys Volleyball as they work toward official sport status with the MHSAA. Promoting their efforts to mimic the current processes we have in place for girls. To ensure all boys coaches are MIVCA members, provide All Region, All State and Academic Awards moving forward.

The Michigan Interscholastic Volleyball Coaches Association would like to pair our more experienced coaches with new coaches. This would hopefully give young coaches an avenue to develop a positive relationship with a more experienced coach throughout the year. Coaches will talk volleyball, share ideas, give guidance, answer questions, assist in planning season activities, and provide ways to better communicate with parents and players. This can encourage a positive relationship with coaches from around the state and actively engage them in their state association.

This committee will work together to help educate both the coaches and players in our state about sports recruits. This committee will also help to provide the marketing team with graphics and videos for social media. General training on Sports Recruits will be necessary.

The committee will work to secure nominations from around the state for the Coach of the Week

The committee will compile a list of any/all candidates via the online submission process. Present to the Board yearly nominees/submissions for HOF. The Board will review, discuss and vote on the HOF winner. The Committee shall gather biographic information, contact the winner, guests, etc. for the HOF ceremony. The committee will coordinate with the Special Recognition Chair/Committee, the Clnic Chair/Committee, etc.

The committee will work to secure nominations from around the state for this award

Work to get the # of years coaching at the Varsity level for coaches throughout the state, and send certificates to those who reach a milestone. This would also then be sent to social media chairpersons.

Work to get the # of wins for coaches throughout the state at the Varsity level, and send certificates to those who reach a milestone. This would also then be sent to social media chairpersons.

This committee will work within their area of the state to ensure that we are getting with ALL high schools and driving those coaches to become MIVCA members

This committee will work with the new members to ensure that they know important information, i.e. deadlines, MHSAA rules & regulations, etc.

This committee will work to keep the membership information up to date on the web page and accessible to all members

The marketing committee works together to help educate and keep our membership updated. This group would run the social media platforms as well as learn to help with the website and forms/registration. Committee members would help report information from their area that would be used to update our membership on happenings around the state. An additional facet of this committee is to help to organize the rankings team and to see they have what they need to be successful.

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